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Stuff On My Cat absurdity stuff + cats = awesome    -  edit|delete
Emptybottle.org absurdity Only so many songs can be sung With two lips, two lungs and one tongue    -  edit|delete
Benjamen Walker's Theory Of Everything absurdity    -  edit|delete
tonypierce.com + busblog absurdity nothing in here is true    -  edit|delete
Sexy Results! absurdity ...True Lies & White Guys...    -  edit|delete
Red Boldface absurdity    -  edit|delete
this moment absurdity is different from any before it. It is now.    -  edit|delete
sixteen days under the sundae absurdity if you don't get a goodnight kiss, you get kafka dreams    -  edit|delete
Fris' Biz absurdity A place for weasels, waffles, pancakes, bunnies and monkeys, as well as the occasional engaging biped to verbally wander, ponder, work up a lather, blather, get in a dither and discover but then forget to write down the meaning of life on their way to hav    -  edit|delete
Deep End Dining absurdity There’s high end dining. There’s low end dining. And then there’s everything else in between. We’d like to introduce you to another level - Deep End Dining. We are diners dedicated to seeking and devouring the food uncommon, the cuisine exotic    -  edit|delete
bird on the moon absurdity A rainbow chasing nature boy's mystical adventures in fractality... boo-yah in the here and now!    -  edit|delete
The Sound of Young America absurdity The Sound of Young America is a public radio show about things that are awesome. Here, you'll find the latest in pop culture, music, the arts, and especially comedy.    -  edit|delete
MRBFK absurdity    -  edit|delete
filth from another level absurdity filth from another level - LiveJournal.com    -  edit|delete
terrapin gardens absurdity always with that new puppy smell    -  edit|delete
Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups absurdity Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups - LiveJournal.com    -  edit|delete
Where The Wild Blogs Are absurdity Where The Wild Blogs Are - LiveJournal.com    -  edit|delete
Ontological Damnation Root One must have chaos in one's heart to give birth to a dancing star.    -  edit|delete
explodingdog aesthetic explodingdog will draw pictures for you    -  edit|delete
[daily dose of imagery] aesthetic A daily photoblog by Sam Javanrouh.    -  edit|delete
pallalink aesthetic    -  edit|delete
Astronomy Picture of the Day aesthetic Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.    -  edit|delete
Life in the zzzz lane... (Philosophy, Art and Stuff) aesthetic A personal blog showing artworks and thinkings, by Jonathan Christie    -  edit|delete
Google Sightseeing aesthetic Why bother seeing the world for real?    -  edit|delete
Photos from flannelmouthed's contacts aesthetic    -  edit|delete
Waxy.org hypertext Andy Baio lives here    -  edit|delete
plasticbag.org hypertext A weblog by Tom Coates concerning social software, mass-amateurisation, design and future media distribution/navigation...    -  edit|delete
A Whole Lotta Nothing hypertext    -  edit|delete
Waxy.org Links hypertext    -  edit|delete
Ask MetaFilter hypertext The past 25 questions posed at Ask MetaFilter    -  edit|delete
kottke.org remaindered links hypertext Many fun, interesting links updated many times a day. Many.    -  edit|delete
MetaFilter hypertext    -  edit|delete
deconsumption politics    -  edit|delete
Rigorous Intuition politics What you don't know can't hurt them    -  edit|delete
Whiskey Bar politics Free Thinking in a Dirty Glass    -  edit|delete
Another Day in the Empire politics Just another WordPress weblog    -  edit|delete
From the Rooftops politics A little different kind of blog. I'm not really into finding the buried key fact and contiributing little bits and pieces to the big picture. Rather, I'm given to contemplating the pushes and pulls upon the system we are observing.    -  edit|delete
ArmsControlWonk politics    -  edit|delete
Looking for Someone to Lie to Me politics "You are members of a cult, is the thing. And the cult is called 'the United States of America.'"    -  edit|delete
AaronGleeman.com sports    -  edit|delete
freedarko.com sports A roundtable of Yukon Gold Miners providing the best in Slovenian farm league analysis and reporting since 1968.    -  edit|delete
CourtsideTimes.Net sports Basketball Analysis Beyond Conventional Wisdom    -  edit|delete
Celtics Doom sports    -  edit|delete
Football Outsiders sports Tackling Football from Outside the Hashmarks    -  edit|delete
Chauncey Billups sports Fall Back Shaq...I'm Starting Now    -  edit|delete
YAYsports! NBA - Your source for no NBA news sports    -  edit|delete
Deadspin sports Deadspin, Sports News without Access, Favor, or Discretion    -  edit|delete
sportsBabel sports sportsBabel is my research blog, which critically examines the impact of digital media and other technologies on the sportocratic apparatus. Issues I have probed include interactive sport videogames, the relationship between the athlete and the artis    -  edit|delete
True Hoop sports    -  edit|delete
WIZZNUTZZ sports    -  edit|delete
Largehearted Boy music    -  edit|delete
mixotheque music Mixes For The Curious And/Or Jaded.    -  edit|delete
Mystery and Misery music Legal Music Stimuli For Your iPod    -  edit|delete
cocaine blunts & hip hop tapes music Updates from the cocaine blunts camp    -  edit|delete
Poplicks.com music Pop and Politics with a tasty candy coasting.    -  edit|delete
Little Hits music    -  edit|delete
Benn loxo du taccu music One hand can\'t clap: African music for the masses.    -  edit|delete
one faint deluded smile music Musical Notes, Random Thoughts and Memory Enhancement    -  edit|delete
Popsheep music Songs of Interest    -  edit|delete
music (for robots) music    -  edit|delete
Said the Gramophone music a music weblog    -  edit|delete
Perfect Duluth Day minnesota    -  edit|delete
MNspeak.com minnesota Twin Cities Culture, Media, Politics, Events and Fun    -  edit|delete
Dogen Sangha Blog think by Gudo NISHIJIMA    -  edit|delete
SPSS Inc. -- Latest Articles think Latest SPSS Articles    -  edit|delete
Long Sunday think You are reserved for a great Monday!Fine, but Sunday will never end.Kafka    -  edit|delete
Global Voices Online think The world is talking. Are you listening?    -  edit|delete
3quarksdaily think An Eclectic Digest of Science, Art and Literature    -  edit|delete
Damn Interesting think    -  edit|delete
I cite think I went downstairs early this am to make a cup of tea and ended up creating a blog (I still had a cup of tea). It might not have happened if it hadn't been a snow day.    -  edit|delete
Open Source think A public radio show with Christopher Lydon    -  edit|delete
Vegan Lunch Box think    -  edit|delete