You Shouldn't Go in There

you shouldn't go in there

Every once in a while, I think it's a good idea to list your discoveries. For instance, I discovered recently that keeping a list is good for pretty much everything. I used to only have one for my enemies. But then, a few weeks ago, I made a list for groceries and boy was that awesome. I also made a list of colors just in case. There's a list of opinions concerning asinine things. My favorite of those is, "Jason, where do you want to eat?" I've ranked over 100 eating establishments that you can find all across this great nation. It's so nice knowing exactly what I think about something without even having to think. I just pull out the list and whatever is closest, that's where were eating!

Also: don't do wheelies on flat tires, don't take out eight payday loans, don't pour potato oles into a basket that's already in the grease, don't walk 40 miles, don't do cartwheels in narrow spaces, don't drink gin, do drink gin, absolutely drink gin, don't do more do's than don't's, do incorrectly use punctuation, don't capitalize, do capitalize, don't the dew, don't get dehydrated, don't smash your thumb, don't fear if you hear some foreign sound in your ear, don't forget... forget what?

The main thing that I discovered. That's what I forgot. Oh well, maybe some other day. I'm going for a walk now. I'm going to wonder about you on my walk. It's been so long since we last spoke. I'm going to wonder about the stars and say goodbye to each one individually. An ongoing process. They will be missed. I'm going to wonder why I'm bothering with all of this. I always wonder that though. I'm going to wonder why I so maliciously destroyed the sense of clarity that had recently overcome me. Where'd it go? Oh I know, down my throat with the booze. I'll probably wonder most about her though, as inconceivable as it is. I'm good at wondering about that though.

That was disappointing.

Oh well, they all can't be gems.

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I've got nothing to live up to.

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International Society for Bayesian Analysis, Part VII

Part VII, Dance
A Post-Modern, Pre-Present Sawtooth Software Conference Live Blog, Anti-Live and ABSOLUTELY in Mono-Color from Delray Beach, Florida.

In Delray Beach, Florida you learn all about chaos theory, conjoint analysis, maximum differences, partial worths, cluster analysis, reverse segmentation and agent based simulations. I learn about those things too except instead of sitting for 10 consecutive hours in a conference room with no windows absorbing this information as it is spoken from the mouths of math geeks nationwide, words hot with statistics and sticky from being stuffed through all sorts of crazy motherfucker's wads of bubblegum that are also known as methodologies and instead I receive this information from crawling into your ear which is also sticky from methodology and entering into your brain and stealing it and saying "and." Tomorrow, when you wake up you wonder, "What is it that I learned about yesterday?" And you can't remember and you look around and you don't want to be embarrassed that you forgot (especially if you have a pet turtle at your bedside) and so when you see the lamp with the mushroom-shaped shade you exclaim "Aha! I learned about lamps." Later that day though, I run into you and you tell me about the fancy lamps that you learned about and how you can regress it and how the r-squares are really high and I say "Haha. I stole that from you. Well actually, not that, but definitely reality."

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I Need Something Else in Me

Today, the subject of acquiring a third eye came up when discussing meta-politics. First, two things. First, the first thing. First, Judith Butler. She says the subject is an abitrary entity. You are the subject. I am the subject. It is from that subject that we can make subjective judgements about the world and our selves. The first subjective judgement you can make. First, a subjective judgement you can make. First, the subjective judgement that relates to your gender role. Subjectively, you can first say you are either a man or a woman. Like RuPaul. S(he) wakes up and makes the subjective judgement as to which gender s(he) will performance. First is performance. First, gender is performative. First you decide if you want to be a man or a woman. Like this morning. First, I decided to be a woman. First, I woke up and thought, "You know what, I think I'll be female today." And first, I was a woman. But as the day progressed, I became a man. That's performance for you. And second, meta-politics is an interesting thing. Second, meta-politics dictates that the telephone conversation had between her and her means that there is something with her and him. Second, that's what it's all about. Second, meta-politics is the politics of the personal. Second, the personal is political. Second, Soul Williams said that. Second, what was that guy's name again?

RaeAnna interjects. She is not Mike Jones

Anti-interjection protection.

Eating kittens is wrong. And no one should do it. EVER!

Interjection protection fails. RaeAnna, not Mike Jones, successfully interjects.

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Author the Person!

Fearless leader.

first a confession: i spelled panoptican wrong. it should be panopticon, i know. it's how i mispelled the word when i was on the high school debate team though. it even became an inside joke. also i had already been using it all over the internet so fuck spelling. the nice thing is it's always available as a username.

there are a few more things you should know: when it's late, i talk to myself; i enjoy many things, but mostly music; i'm a market research analyst... it's not for me; sometimes, yes, i lose my mind, but i always find it in the end; when i was twelve, i discovered that you could toss trees; my writing is a form of hypnosis.there are two people i talk about a lot. one is big, has lush lips and is me. the other is small, has lush lips and is my son isaac. i gave him some of my dna and that is why he is so handsome. i talk about isaac a lot. he talks a lot too.

you may contact me by emailing jason at panoptican dot org or instant messagning me via aol at flannelmouthed or icq at 201662548 or yahoo at spidle_jason. you may not call me on the telephone. if you know my address, you may send me stuff in the mail. especially mixes. if you don't know my address, i suggest you think about what that means.

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Today's Deep Tho't!

The people in the village were real poor, so none of the children had any toys. But this one little boy had gotten an old enema bag and filled it with rocks, and he would go around and whap the other children across the face with it. Man, I think my heart almost broke. Later the boy came up and offered to give me the toy. This was too much! I reached out my hand, but then he ran away. I chased him down and took the enema bag. He cried a little, but that's the way of these people.